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The Tribune Monday October 22, 2007 Page 6A IT 0 Honz US 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 I I i 1 1 i fit' MHll nsOcoliillcoDios The Kid Scoop Poll: What is your favorite veggie? Take tlie poll on the KIDS page at Jeff Schinkei, Graphics Vot. 23 No. 44 2007 by VfcW Whiting, Editor A tc-amv or crunchy Or fresh from the yard Veggie fear, disappear, St Eveiy day is a time to be kind By KATHY ANT0NI0TTI Akron Beacon Journal Somewhere along the way, we have discarded Jthe true intent of Sweetest Day and turned it into a second Valentine's Day for lovers. Sweetest Day was never meant to be a romantic holiday. The man who is credited with originating Sweetest Day in 1922 simply wanted to do something kind for people he didn't even know.

Cleveland, Ohio, candy store employee Birch Kingston, concerned that the witn uoum uucnrai vj i fn nf 'r Th veies on toaay vo S. fSwith vitamins to keep There is a little mystery in the Count's name. i Hold this page up to a I and what does his name spell? Prthvandfullofenergv hi strong you i ur first fearsome food underprivileged in mo eity- felt neglected and forgotten, These strange little "trees Can taste yummy, too! if VU'' Find the two identical broccoli stalks. rill I Purple and plump It looks a bit odd Give EGGPLANT a try It's good for your bod! if I I FWl. Its Help Farmer Frank DCS ai3i Mil find his way back to the lab.

1 tt ri i ii tt i xrx ii MF "Irtff fanraH rt tham oil aWtw HI Are green BRUSSELS SPROUTS, But give them a chance Before ruling them out! wanted to bring a little happiness to their lives. Kingston enlisted. the help of his friends to distribute small gifts and candy to the underprivileged people society rarely, sees the shut-ins and orphans in the city. Soon, others joined Kingston in the cause and a new holiday was born. The third Saturday in October each year became known as Sweetest Day a day to show kindness to people who would not ordinarily experience it.

Although th popularity of tl)e holiday is spreading as people relocate across the country, Sweetest Day, this year on Oct. 20, Jargely remains a regional holiday celebrated primarily in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin and Ohio. Ohio leads the rest of the country in Sweetest Day sales. Although the official Sweetest Day has passed, any day is a good day to celebrate its spirit. Commit an act of kindness; you won't believe how good it will make you feel.

You can make this Sweetest Day wall hanging with directions I found at I modified them for our use. Supplies you will need: Construction paper. 1 foam sheet. Yarn.

Hole punch. Dowel. Tissue paper, scraps of wrapping paper, etc. Scissors. Glue.

Ruler. Pen. Begin by cutting the foam sheet into 4- by 4-inch squares. Punch holes one-half inch apart on two adjoining sides of each square. Use yarn to lace the squares rT? r-u c'v a i.i In ancient Egypt-onions were used to replace eyeballs in mummies' Skulls! vegetable Main ji Na 1lDB3 Headline Math Use your alphabet values to compute the value of the headline words in today's newspaper.

Which headline adds up to the highest number? Which adds up to the lowest number? Assign each letter of the alphabet a number value. For example, Al, B2, C3. Then add up the value of the letters in the following vegetable names: 23xoccoU Cut out the squares above and assemble them to reveal an important message! Carrot HruBsels Standards Link: Math: Calculate sums using' regrouping. Discover how Count Alucard became a vegetarian at! jarcyixts 1 together like a patchwork quilt. Tie off the yarn in back and use a drop of glue to hold.

Find the words in the puzzle, then in this week's Kid Scoop stories and activities. mm Punch holes across the top edge of the hanging and lace the yarn through and over the dowel. Leave enough yarn to bring it back to the other end of the dowel to form a loop for Each of these plates was covered with veggies. Circle the i hanging. plate in RED that shows 12 eaten.

iviaKe neans witn paper with different patterns and textures. Glue them onto the squares by layering them, starting with the largest on i the bottom and finishing with Circle the plate in ALUCARD BRUSSELS BROCCOLI EGYPT CARROT PARMIGIANA SPROUTS TREES CHEESE ONIONS GARDEN FRESH STEAMY PLUMP GREEN A A I I A BE RACG NDE I I A -E SEEHCNCA PEEGYPTOUG SRLLEPMULP TGSTEAMYA I BLUE that shows 14 eaten. Circle the plate in GREEN that shows 23 eaten. the smallest on the top. Crin kle tissue paper slightly to Standards Link: Number Sense: Identify fractional amounts.

1 give your quilt a three-dimen sional effect. Distributed by McClatchy-Tri' bune Information Services. Standards Unk: Letter sequencing. Recognized identical' words. Skim and scan reading: Recall spelling patterns.

Get the code by visiting the KIDS page at www.kidscoopcom Write Words Ddfhcj yr parti JHE Wonderfully Write an alliteration. An alliteration is a sentence in Which all.or nearly all, of the Words start with the same letter. All work must be original. Send your story ml' 'r Kid Scoop P.O. 447 Seymour, IN 47274 Please Include your school and grade.

The Tribune's Newspaper In Education (ME) program encourages --iheusecf newspapers as a teaching resource inJacksonrJtmUnp. A special thanks to our business Seymour Chamber of Commerce Bob Poynter Chevrolet Rose Acre Farms II Jackson County REMC Conner Smith Eye Center Schwarz Pharma Kocolene NationafCity Mongage National City Bank Aisin Drivetrain Schneck Medical Center Toyota Industrial Equipment Valeo Sylvania Get Involved today! Call 523-7074 for details..

The Tribune from Seymour, Indiana (2024)


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