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NOVEMBER 18, 1968 SEYMOUR DAILY TRIBUNE, SEYMOUR, INDIANA PAGE THREE Injured As Car Hits Dirt Bank Here One person was injured and required medical attention in a traffic accident investigated by city police over the weekend. Larry W. Kellams, 28, New Albany, sustained lacerations of lip and forehead in an accident at 2:40 p. m. Sunday on South Park Drive, about 200 feet east of Evergreen Drive.

He was taken to Schneck Memorial Hospital by city police and" released following treatment. Kellams was reportedly traveling east on South Park Drive and failed to negotiate a sharp curve in the road. His car knocked down a mail box, owned by Curtis Patrick, 100 South Park Drive, and then jumped a ditch and struck an embankment head-on. -Damages were estimated at $1,200 to the entire front of the 1966 model sedan. Kellams was arrested police on charges of reckless driving against the property of another and public intoxication.

He appeared in city court Sunday, pleaded guilty to the intoxication charge and was fined $15 and costs. He pleaded not guilty to the reckless driving charge and was released on Sil Facing Leadership Problems Southern Indiana Incorporated, which recently voted to obtain a paid, full-time administrative staff, finds itself with only one officer. Three of the four top offices are vacant, a month after the annual meeting at Bedford. Another meeting is to be scheduled this week or next week in Columbus to attempt to solve the management problem. Charles Uhl, Bedford, vice president of the corporation, said the organization is now without a president, secretary or treasurer.

Paul Dinkins, president of the Irwin Union Bank and Trust Columbus, was elected president at the October meeting in Bedford, but upon his return from abroad declined to accept the office. Uhl said his business interests would prevent him from accepting the presidency. Robert Martin, Evansville, and Stephen M. Baker, manager of the Bedford Chamber of Commerce, serving as secretary and treasurer, respectively, are leaving Chamber work and will no longer be able to serve the organization. At the October meeting, the group voted to place SII on a full-time basis with a paid director and office staff, effective in January.

Evansville Future, was to share personnel and office space for a time with a budget of $18,000. So far, there have been no apparent attempts to expand the organization or to raise the needed funds. Newsy Paragraphs Jack W. Milton, 37, of Medora, was jailed at 3 p. m.

Thursday by Columbus police on charges of public intoxication after he allegedly was found unconscious at an alley between Third and Franklin streets there. Among those fined $5 and court costs of $22.25, on charges of speeding, in Columbus city court were Donald M. Fourman, of Seymour, Terri A. Brewer, of Seymour R3, Owen Pace and M. T.

Whitehorn, both of Columbus R8. Admitted to Bartholomew County Hospital, Columbus, were Juanita Wilson, eight, daughter of Mr. and Dewayne Wilson, of North Vernon -Room 249; Bruce Reedy, of Cortland-Room 112. Dismissed were Cecil and Mary Williams and Mrs. Carl Stone, all of North Vernon.

About 35 homes in the Reddington area were without electrical service about one hour Friday night. A defective lightning arrester caused the failure about 9:30 p. m. in one of three lines serving the area, according to Public Service Indiana officials. Rudy.

P. Corrington, 15-yearold son of Mr. and Mrs. Rudy G. Corrington, 221 South Clark street, Brownstown, was admitted for treatment in the room at Schneck Memo rial Hospital Sunday night after he injured his left ankle in a fall at home.

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explorer 10 12 15 18 20 21 22 23 24 25 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36. 37 38 39 40 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 52 53 54 55 56 58 60 11-18 CRYPTOQUIPS LQOH WA KQ0 KWXFCE: AXF NH HAQO NH LCELQOH. Saturday's Cryptoquip- MISGUIDED PUPPY RAN CLUMTHROUGH YON CABBAGE PATCH. 1968, King Features Syndicate, Inc.) 15 Killed In Weekend Traffic Rainslick roads helped push Indiana's weekend traffic death toll to: 15 and bring to 1,321 the total number of deaths on Indiana highways this year. Connie Brown, 20, of Palatine, died in a two-car collision at 5:08 p.

m. Saturday on Ind. 37 in Johnson County, about five miles west of Bargersville. Her death was the 13th fatality of the year in Johnson County, only 12 deaths on its highways during all of 1967. She was the 85th person to die in the eightcounty area patrolled by the Seymour state police post this year.

At this date last year, 90 had been killed in the Seymour district. The woman was a passenger in an auto driven by Stuart Siegel, 22, of Indianapolis. He suffered lacerations of the face and arms. Also injured were Raymond Albert, Martinsville R4, driver of the second vehicle, who received lacerations- of the face and a compound fracture of the left knee. A passenger in the Albert auto, Scott Prather, nine, Martinsville R1, suffered facial lacerations, and Timothy Russell, 12, Martinsville R8, incurred multiple facial lacerations and a possible fractured right leg.

Officials of the Johnson County Sheriff's department said the Siegel auto was traveling north on Ind. 37 and the Albert car was en route south at the time of the accident. An unidentified car reportedly was stopped, waiting to turn east on Ind. 144,4 and Siegel hit his brakes to avoid the third car. The Seigel vehicle then swerved to the right, hit some loose gravel and slid sideways into the southbound lane of Ind.

-37, where the car struck in the passenger side by the Albert auto. Another two-car collision Sunday killed Mrs. Judy Rowlinson, 22, of Indianapolis, on the southwest side of Indianapolis. A two-car crash Sunday killed Mrs. Dorothy Lucas, 45, Madison R3, and injured six persons on Switzerland County road a west' of Moorefield.

Two Knox men, Gerald Rice, 54, and Marvin Rudd, 40, were killed Saturday when their car skidded off Ind. 14 and struck an abutment and a utility pole west of Winamac. Genevieve M. Andrews, 58, Plymouth, was injured fatally Saturday in a two car crash on the U. S.

30, bypass west of Plymouth. Jean C. Anouge, Evans- -Tribune Photo Caused By Vandals--Tom Palmer, a custodian at Shields Junior High School, sweeps broken glass from the principal's office at the local school. The glass was broken out of the door and Bob Lucas. Mr.

and Mrs. Frank Bolte, of Jonesville, visited Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gerringer, and Mr. and Mrs.

Melvin Gerringer at Hayden Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stradley, Mr. and Mrs.

Kenneth Shade and Mrs. Bertha Krumme, of this city, spent Sunday in Indianapolis with Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shade and son, Scott. Mrs.

Kenneth L. Fosbrink, Mrs. John Layton, Mrs. Robert Norrell and Mrs. Robert Shippee, attended a southern district meeting of Epsilon Sigma Alpha sorority at the Durbin Hotel, Rushville, November 10.

Mrs. Shippee, first vice president of the Indiana State Council, ESA presided over one session of a panel discussion on ESA procedure. The meeting drew 120 members. Mr. and Mrs.

Arthur Korte and Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Waskom attended the Council of Clubs' banquet meeting at the Marott Hotel, Indianapolis, Friday evening. Main speaker of the evening was Donald Hunter, of Anderson, a- Supreme -Court judge. 5 DAYS ONLY BEGINS NOV.

19th QUALITY Mr. and Mrs. Roy C. Jaynes were in Muncie over the weekend to attend the Ball State University student production of the opera, Great Stone Face." Their daughter, Miss Sharon Lee Jaynes, was a member of the cast, singing two solos. Jackson County Rural Youth attending a Sadie Hawkins dance Saturday at the Community Building in North Vernon included Betty Christopher, Tabitha Hall, Brenda Anderson, Marjorie Spencer, Erna Brandt, Wanda Rebber, Helen Hunter, Jesse Law, Eugene Shoemaker, Joyce Christopher BUILD BABY'S PHOTO ALBUM WITH PIN-UPS.

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Gale E. LaRue, 34, Pierceton, was killed Saturday night when his car struck an embankment on a dead-end road and crashed into along Ind. 102 about seven miles northeast of Columbia City. Do your baby-bragging with a beattiful photo "worth more than thousand words." Get a completely finished photograph for only 594. You will not be urged to buy but if you wish the remaining poses they're yours for 1.85 for the 1 first, 1.25 for the 2nd and $1 for any additional.

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by vandals who broke in at the school Friday night. INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL DAY or NIGHT 522-4228 SWITZER ELECTRIC bond pending a later appearance in court. The accident was investigated by Officers William Nichols and James E. Bullard. An accident Friday night on Vine street about 30 feet south -of Second street was reported to police and involved an unidentified truck driver who apparently was unaware of the accident.

car owned by Leslie and Alberta Nichalson, 106 Windhorst Court, was parked on the west side of Vine street and was struck by a truck which backed out from a parking space on the east side of the street. The driver of the truck did not stop, despite calls to him by Nichalson. Damage was estimated at $50 to the car, Officer Claude Schryer, reported. Man, Related In City, Expires Mrs. Thressie Luenebrink, 318 Centennial street, received word this morning that her brother-in-law, Curtis Jeffers, of Terre Haute, died at 7:05 p.

m. Sunday in Union Hospital there. Mr. Jeffers, 66, who was retired after working 35 years for a Terre Haute box factory, is survived by the widow, the former Laura Frances Findley formerly of Jackson daughter, Joyce, in California, and several nieces and nephews in this community. Mrs.

Luenebrink, another sister-in-law, Mrs. Clarence Reedy, a and other relatives from this area are planning to attend funeral services at 2:30 p. m. Wednesday to be conducted from the 'Crosse Funeral Home in Terre Haute. Burial will be in a Terre Haute cemetery.

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