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Saturday. Fabruary 22, 1986 3 Th for 7 am. EST, Feb. 23 QecordbooE: 40 Seymour Dally Tribune, Seymour, Indiana 10 Hospital Farm Bureau Cooperation Association Inc. to Town of Brownstown, property located at 10-5-4: Permanent right of way easem*nt from Larry J.

Kamman and Barbara A. Kamman, husband and wife, and Chester Nolan and Sherry A. Nolan, husband and wife, to Town of Brownstown, property located at 13-54. Permanent right of way ease Town of Brownstown, property located at 13-5-4. Permanent rigbfof way easem*nt from Minnette E.

Summers to Town of Brownstown, property located at 10-5-4. Permanent right of way easem*nt from Lucas-Ackerman Supply Inc. to Town of Brownstown, property located at 14-5-4. until 11 30 a.m. The truck's cargo of lumber was not spilled.

The driver was checked at the scene but refused treatment. Real estate, transfers Warranty deed from Wanda -The hospital admitted 11 sons Friday, including: Surgery William R. Hollowell, Seymour R7. Medical Kimberly R.Cook, 12, daughter of Helen L. Burnell, 624 N.

Jack son Park Drive, Seymour. Permanent right of way ease Mrs. David Bloom. 401 CalvinMf FRONTS! Occluded -w- Stationary ment from Amos Lambring and laSeInf. toTownof Lambring, husband Property located at 14-M.

and wife, Steven L. Ackerman Permanent right of way ease- -and Margaret S. Ackerman, hus- ment from Linford and Rosalyn i Robertson to Town of Brownv Showers Rain Flurries Snow Blvd Seymour wcaieq ai a. Friday newborn! Warranty deed from Pauline A son to Mr. and Mrs.

Michael Robert Denny, 2305 W. Bethel St Becky Gaspy property located Muncie in Krumme Addition, Seymourr- A daugtfter to Mr. and APUwrphote Colder The National Weather Service forecast for Sunday predicts showers for portions of Florida with rain predicted for southeastern coastal states. Snow is predicted for the northern Plains and portions of the Pacific Northwest. uaiiu aiiu niic.

aim Lucas and Janet E. Lucas, husband and wife, dba Lucas-Ackerman Leasing Co. to Town of Brownstown, property located at MM. Permanent right of way easem*nt from Brownstown Consolidated School Building Corporation to Town of Brownstown, property located at 14-5-4. Permanent right of way ease- ment Verlin Jerrv Warren and Harriett V.

Warren to Town of Brownstown, property located at 14 and 23-5-4. Permanent right of way ease- ment-from Jackson-Jennings ment from Hoosier Christian Vil- stown, property located in Way-man's Second addition. Town of Brownstown. i Guardian's deed from Jackson. -County Bank, as guardian of Lawrence Baurle, to Dorothy Fettig, lots in Block 21, City oT Seymour.

Electric pole line easem*nt from Daniel L. Hall and Karen J. Hall to Public Service Company of Indiana property lcoateS Warranty deed from Kenneth' Wolff to Wanda L. Wolff proper; ty located in the Old Town of Ewj ing; now Brownstown. p- W20 "wui irein wiwui OMsumouip wiu Lorena Steinkamp to Town of Brownstown, property located at 14-5-4.

Permanent right of way easem*nt from Harold Pottschmidt, Earl and Mary Pottschmidt to Town of Brownstown, property located at 14 and 23-54. Permanent right of way from Arthur J. Kellermeier and Helen C. Kellermeier to Town of Brownstown, property located at 15-5-4. Permanent right of way ease- ienfc from-Edna-Schncidcr-to mm.n 1UXXX M.

leaders break with administration WITH THESE SPECIALS 6 A.M10Pp.M7Daiiy" opcn na. a sat. tans tksu JMMMINNMa MARCH t-OffH HOUR Begin Your Day With Our Omelette Specials or Any Other Breakfast Special MANILA, Philippines (AP) Defense Minister Juan Ponce En-rile and deputy armed forces chief Fidel Ramos broke publicly today with President Ferdinand Marcos, and called on the armed forces and Cabinet ministers to join them. "We have friendly forces in the army, navy, air force and marines," Ramos told a joint news conference at Defense Ministry headquarters in a suburban military camp. Enrile, who has been in cos' government1 for 20 years, said generals loyal to Marcos had intended to arrest all leaders of the opposition and members of a military reform movement.

"I imagine orders like this would come from the highest authority," Enrile said. Heavily armed soldiers guarded Defense Ministry head- quarters as Ramos and Enrile spoke, and a helicopter ferried in 10 sacks of weapons. There was no immediate reaction from Marcos', presidential Government television made no immediate mention of the announcement from Ramos and Enrile, and no military activity was reported in Manila. There was no immediate comment from the U.S. government, U.S..

Rep. Stephen Solarz, a New York Democrat critical of Marcos, said in an interview broadcast on CBS radio, "This could be the beginning of the end nt th Mar mi rPfrimo F03 Try Our T-Bone Special 8 oz. Rib Eye Special "All-You-Can-Eat" Broasted Chicken Fen Try BIug Piste Specials. Something Different Every Day! LUriCCIIS (Different Each Week) Swiss Steak Roast Pork With Dressing Fresh Turkey With Dressing Our Famous Broasted Chicken (Aii-vou-can-Eat) All Sunday Dinners come with homemade desserts M. HEiXLHOUSE War1v L.

Herr: Wnrth V-mon R4. Releases The hospital released nine persons Friday, including: John 6, son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel K. Drummond, 624 Holiday Drive, Seymour.

Mrs. Nelson C. Engleking and infant daughter, Dena Dawn, Mrs. Robert M. Belviy, 414 Schleter Court, Seymour.

Mrs. James E. Caudill, Crothersville R2. rBfaTcn O'Brien Seymour. Emergency Emergency services admitted 23 persons Friday, including Lisa R.

Aldemeyer, Steven A. Pack, James E. Marling and Linda M. Young. City police Today 4:51 a.m.

Report of burglary at Jackson School. Sgt. John R. Hill investigated. Today 4:02 a.m.

Report of loud party in 700 block of South Vine Street. Hill investigated. Today 12:49 a.m. Report of suspicious person in 600 block of North Walnut Street. Officer Jack Swindell investigated.

Today 12:18 a.m. Report of statue in middle of 400 block of Carter Boulevard. Previously reported at 9:53 a.m. Friday. Officer Richard J.

Butler investigated. Friday 11 58 p.m. Report of property damage accident in 200 block of Meadowlark Drive. Swindell investigated. Friday 11:33 p.m.

Report of accident in 300 block of North Chestnut Street and red Camaro that left the scene. Friday 6:41 p.m. Report of disturbance in 100 block of North Chestnut Street. Sgt. Roy Thomas Barnett investigated.

Friday 4 27 p.m. Jerry Hall reported a band instrument stolen from Seymour High School. Barnett investigated. Friday 3 26 p.m. Mary Jane IKl S.

raTK repOTtea a theft. Officer Woodrow DeZarn investigated. Friday 2:58 p.m. Report of door-to-door on North Walnut Street. Sgt.

William R. Marsh in vestigated. City arrests Friday 6:46 p.m. Charles E. Turner, 44, Madison R4, public intoxication and resisting law enforcement.

Friday 4:25 p.m. Ruben H. Trueblood, 70, 200 block of South Vine Street, shoplifting. State arrests Today 3 35 a.m. Kimberly Jo Davis, 23, 811 N.

Park driving while intoxicated. Friday 10:45 p.m. Jeffrey S. Ayers, 18, Freetown Rl, driving while suspended. Co.

accident Friday 7:40 a.m. A semitrailer driven by Thomas E. Owens, 31, New Albany, went out of control on U.S. 50, seven miles west of Brownstown, when the driver suffered an epileptic seizure. The truck went off the road and struck several trees.

The truck blocked one lane of traffic from 9:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. and both lanes from 10:30 a.m. MISSED BY TRIBUNE CARRIER? (SEYMOUR CITY ONLY) -Btwtn 6:30 A 7:30 WEEKDAYS and Between 3 ft 4 p.m. SATURDAYS CALL 522-6044 if you have any questions, call tha office at 522-4871, 8 to weekdays, 8 to 12 Saturdays.

RESTAURANT I tlEN HQUEEk Enrile said at a news confer- ence that Marcos' ruling party had cheated in the Feb. 7 special lection7inhichhe-Nationat-daylhere 'Assomhiv (WiarpH Marpn; thp left for Washington A drawals Jet. 31 U.S. 50 jockeying has been recently reported in the Philippine military, and linked in press accounts to the departure of Gen. Fabian Ver, a staunch Marcos ally.

Marcos announced Ver's resignation last Sunday and said Ramos would become acting chief of staff, but then said Ver would be allowed to stay on until March 1 to bid farewell to units in the field. Today; Ramos said, "I would like to address my appeal to the commander-in-chief (Marcos) to allow us to peacefully negotiate and talk to him." He said he was working towards having a dialogue with Marcos, but Enrile said they didn't know where the president was. A palace spokesman said earlier that Marcos was in his Malacalang Palace and resting. Mrs. Aquino was in the central Philippines city of Cebu today campaigning for a boycott of Marcos' government.

She claims to have won the presidential election and has announced plans to set up a government to take over if Marcos steps down. Earlier today, Marcos met with special U.S. envoy Philip Habib, a'day after warning foreign critics who claim his election victory was rigged not to interfere in Philippine affairs. President Reagan dispatched Habib to the Philippines following the political uncertainty caused by Mar- cos disputed victory, wo state ment was released after the talks aHO .3. saw namu nome and would Imve on Sunday; government source said to- from the Philippine Mm4SamaI Dnnb rTA tf Air Art banks Mrs.

Aquino asked Filipinos to boycott as part of her anti-Marcos campaign. The source said most of the deposits were going to Bank of the Philippine Islands, which was not on the list. town Central ans activities Brownstown Central High School calendar for Feb. 24-28: Tuesday Mock interviews for seniors. Thursday 7:30 p.m.

Musical on middle school stage pesticide meeting in high school library. Friday End of fourth six weeks; boys basketball at Bloomington South. French President Charles de Gaulle called in 1962 for the inde pendence of Algeria on the basis friendly cooperation witn France. Indiana's U.S. senators The Hon.

Richard G. Lugar United States Senator 306 Hart Senate Office Bldg. Washington, D.C. 20510 The Hon. Dan Quayle United States Senator 254 Russell Senate Office Bldg.

Washington, D.C. 20510. Ninth District's U.S. representative The Hon. Lee H.

Hamilton United States Representative 2187 Rayburn House Office Bldg. Washington, D.C. 20515 Town and Country Homes invited you to their era i Sunday, Fob. 23, 2 1135 Ernest Drive HIH "I 1 BEDROOM GARAGE I tt'f tr'tiW i SEYMOUR p.m.-5 p.m. Seymour Open House inwitOrlw "A winner over opposition candidate Aquino.

SEYMOUR DAILY TRIBUNE USPS 491540 Published daily except Sundays and holi days at 1215 East Tipton Street, Seymour, IN 47274. Second-class postage paid at Seymour, IN 47274. V. Thurman Gill Publisher Stewart Hedger. -Managing Editor George N.

Main.7T777. Advertising Dir, Joseph A. Joray Circulation Dir. Don Mgr. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to The Seymour Daily Bos 447, Seymour, IN 47274.

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The Tribune from Seymour, Indiana (2024)


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