Power Ranking Remaining Euro 2024 Teams Ahead of Knockout Stages (2024)

Power Ranking Remaining Euro 2024 Teams Ahead of Knockout Stages

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    Power Ranking Remaining Euro 2024 Teams Ahead of Knockout Stages (1)

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    The knockout rounds of Euro 2024 have a lot to live up to after a sensational group stage.

    What a tournament it's been so far, with stunning strikes, closely fought games and a shock or two being thrown in for good measure.

    Despite most of the big-name players failing to hit their expected heights, unheralded names have risen to the occasion, and young stars are shining particularly brightly on the big stage.

    Some surprising teams have squeezed their way through to the round of 16, too, and they'll be determined to keep their journey going just a little bit longer.

    With only one team boasting a perfect record following pool play, the bracket feels reasonably open, which means shocks could still be in store.

    Read on for our ranking of the remaining 16 teams before eight are sent packing.


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    Power Ranking Remaining Euro 2024 Teams Ahead of Knockout Stages (2)

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    16. Slovenia

    Slovenia somehow managed to make the last 16 after three draws in Group C, scoring just two goals in the process.

    While holding England scoreless is a fine achievement, the Three Lions haven't exactly sparked into life in Germany, so the result perhaps says more about them than it does Slovenia.

    With Portugal on the slate next, Slovenia's tournament will soon be over.

    15. Slovakia

    Slovakia finished third in Group E despite having the same points total as Romania in first and Belgium in second (and Ukraine in fourth).

    Qualifying from the most disappointing group of the tournament, few will expect much against an admittedly lackluster England.

    They can bask in their 1-0 victory over Belgium, but that's as good as it gets.

    14. Denmark

    The Euro 2020 semifinal seems like a long time ago for Denmark, who crept into the knockouts with a second place finish in Group C after three uninspiring draws.

    Granted, the pool as a whole was disappointing, but there are few positives to point to when assessing De Rød-Hvide's performances.

    With a Germany side playing in front of a home crowd up next, they're likely to exit the tournament with a whimper.

    13. Georgia

    Are Georgia better than the three sides above them in this list on paper? Perhaps not, but this is a power ranking, after all, and Georgia have power coursing through their veins right now.

    A 2-0 victory over one of the tournament favorites in Portugal—albeit with a heavily rotated starting XI—was a huge shot in the arm for Georgia, and they'll want to harness that momentum.

    Spain are next on the gauntlet, and even if they won't be tipped to move on, Georgia will put up one hell of a fight.

    12. Belgium

    Maybe if VAR was a little bit kinder to Romelu Lukaku, Belgium would be a few places higher in this ranking. But it wasn't, so they aren't.

    Opening the tournament with a 1-0 loss to Slovakia was a huge shock, even if De Rode Duivels aren't quite as star-studded as years gone by.

    A 2-0 victory over Romania was promising, but any momentum built up was dashed with a dire 0-0 draw against Ukraine.

    With neighbors France up next, they'll be lucky to get much further.

    11. Switzerland

    A win against Hungary and two draws against Scotland and Germany represents a successful group stage for Switzerland, who will go into their meeting with Italy with confidence to pull off an upset.

    The Swiss have been good value on the international stage in the last decade or so, often performing beyond expectations thanks to an experienced spine and some magic from the tournament version of Xherdan Shaqiri.

    Sitting 11th here might be a little harsh, but that's more because of the teams ahead of them.


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    Power Ranking Remaining Euro 2024 Teams Ahead of Knockout Stages (3)

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    10. Romania

    Romania were unable to carry their unbeaten qualifying run into the tournament proper, but finishing top of their group is still a huge boost for the squad, even in a weak pool.

    For a team so reliant on a stout back line, conceding three goals in three games will be disappointing, although the step up in quality from the qualifying stages was bound to bring tougher challenges.

    Mental fortitude is key in tournament football, and that will serve Romania well against the Netherlands. They'll need more than that if they want to stay in Germany, though.

    9. Turkey

    Two wins from three group games is a great platform for Turkey to build on, but conceding as many as they scored (five apiece) isn't the best sign.

    That goals-against figure was made to look worse by a rampant Portugal side, but with a similarly free-scoring Austria up next, they'll want to ensure the back line is shored up.

    A dramatic late-winner against 10-man Czechia will have provided an adrenaline boost that might linger into Tuesday's meeting, and they'll need it against one of the tournament's surprise packages.

    8. Italy

    Italy qualified in second in what was perhaps the toughest group of the lot, so four points might not be as disappointing as they look.

    While not the vintage that took the title for years ago, Italy are still a fearsome prospect, if only because of the ferocity with which they sing their national anthem.

    Northerly neighbors Switzerland will give them a tough test, and it might come down to penalties. Thankfully for the Azzurri, though, spot-kicks at the Euros went pretty well for them last time.

    7. Netherlands

    The Netherlands would have been stunned to have finished third in their group, but Group D didn't conclude like anyone would have predicted.

    Still, they've made it through to the knockouts, and they're still among the strongest sides on paper. Their loss to Austria was shocking, but a 0-0 draw against a France side many considered favorites pre-tournament is a good result, especially after two defeats to them in the tournament qualifiers.

    With Cody Gakpo in the hunt for the tournament's Golden Boot, the Dutch should step things up a notch, and Romania are perhaps the kindest opponent to face of all the group winners.

    6. France

    It's just not happening for France at the moment. The facial injury to Kylian Mbappé in Les Bleus tournament opener would have dented confidence, but there are still plenty of star players in the squad—they just need to show up when it matters.

    Qualifying for the knockouts in second was not how they wanted to finish the group, but they remain undefeated, and that counts for something. With a far-from-vintage Belgium up next, it's the perfect opportunity to get things in order before a likely meeting with Portugal.

5. Austria

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    Power Ranking Remaining Euro 2024 Teams Ahead of Knockout Stages (4)

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    Well, well, well, what do we have here? Austria have quickly become the tournament's darlings, playing sensational attacking football that led them to a surprising spot at the top of Group D.

    Six goals in their last two games, including three against the Netherlands, is very impressive, and Ralf Rangnick has laid a tactical platform that has pushed the team to unanticipated heights.

    A meeting with Turkey will be interesting, with both teams boasting incredible support at the tournament. But in terms of quality, the Austrians have it in abundance thanks to a collective effort rather than individual brilliance.

    With many of the perceived top teams not yet showing that kind of cohesion, the fact Austria have come into the tournament looking like a club side will be concerning to the big hitters.

4. England

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    Power Ranking Remaining Euro 2024 Teams Ahead of Knockout Stages (5)

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    England are lucky to be this high. The Three Lions' placement here is more down to how favored they were at the start of the tournament rather than where they are right now. Consider this a drop in the power rankings rather than a reflection of how the competition has gone so far.

    Concerns that manager Gareth Southgate's conservative style would not get the best out of a wealth of attacking talent have proved to be well-founded, with only two goals scored. That's despite having Bundesliga top-scorer Harry Kane, and a quartet of Bukayo Saka, Jude Bellingham, Phil Foden and Cole Palmer who scored 76 goals between them in their domestic league games last season. Palmer's only played 19 minutes so far.

    It's been uninspiring, to say the least, but England are used to plodding through the group stages before coming to life in the knockouts—just like they did at Euro 2020.

    Slovakia will provide a get-right game before a potentially serene trip through their side of the bracket on the way to the final.

3. Portugal

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    Power Ranking Remaining Euro 2024 Teams Ahead of Knockout Stages (6)

    Catherine Ivill - AMA/Getty Images

    The 2-0 loss to Georgia in their final group game was a shocker, but Portugal had already qualified comfortably, so resting key players was arguably more important.

    Otherwise, five goals in two games bodes well for the Seleçao at full strength, and they can quickly put that last result in the past.

    Perhaps the biggest question, unsurprisingly, surrounds Cristiano Ronaldo. His aura remains, and he has shown some signs of his quality, but he is perhaps harming the team more than helping because of his tendency to be on the fringes of the action rather than fully involved.

    Saying that, his will to win can be huge in tournament football, but maybe that's better served as an impact substitute rather than a starter.

    Regardless, though, Portugal have talent in excess, and a meeting with Slovenia will allow them to get their first XI clicking again ahead of a tough potential run to the tournament's climax.

2. Germany

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    Power Ranking Remaining Euro 2024 Teams Ahead of Knockout Stages (7)

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    The hosts burst out of the traps with a 5-1 hammering of Scotland, and a 2-0 victory against Hungary was relatively breezy, too.

    While they slowed down a bit in the 1-1 draw with Switzerland, qualification was already assured, so the need to perform at the highest possible standard was removed.

    In Jamal Musiala, Germany boast one of the tournament's most exciting players so far, with the 21-year-old scoring twice and showing off his quick feet and football brain in his 222 minutes of game time.

    With a solid back line, wisdom through the middle of the park, and energy on both attacking flanks, Germany look perfectly balanced going into the latter stages. With home support behind them, too, they could pick up their first Euros title since 1996.

1. Spain

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    Power Ranking Remaining Euro 2024 Teams Ahead of Knockout Stages (8)

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    Spain are the only unbeaten team in the competition, and having been in the toughest pool in the group stage, that should strike fear into the hearts of everyone else.

    While Rodri has been his typically excellent self, the plaudits are so far being laid at the feet of Lamine Yamal.

    The 16-year-old has been a thorn in the side of every defender he's come up against so far, tying opponents in knots and gliding through games as if he's been doing this for the last 10 years.

    With the licence to rotate in the final group fixture (which they still won against Albania), Spain will have fresh legs going into the knockouts. With Georgia coming up next, they will want to avoid complacency, but they should be fairly confident of going through.

    The only thing that looks like stopping Spain from winning it all is the strength of their side of the bracket. With Germany likely up next, Portugal or France could be lying in wait if they get through that challenge.

    But, for now, Spain are at the top of the tree. It's just a case of whether they can remain on the highest perch.

Power Ranking Remaining Euro 2024 Teams Ahead of Knockout Stages (2024)


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