How to Use Noalox Anti-Oxidant Compound: A Step-By-Step Guide - (2024)


Are you looking for an effective solution to prevent corrosion and oxidation in electrical connections? If so, you may have heard about Noalox, an anti-oxidant compound.

But how to use Noalox anti-oxidant compound?

First, clean the conductor off with a wire brush or emery cloth. Then apply Noalox freely to both the conductor and the connector. Assemble the joint and wipe off the excess compound. It is important to use the compound as directed and to follow any safety precautions listed on the package.

Keep reading to learn helpful tips for applying it correctly for optimal results. Let’s get started!

How to Use Noalox Anti-Oxidant Compound

This section will give you step-by-step instructions on how to use Noalox Anti-Oxidant Compound. But before applying Noalox, consider the following safety cautions:

Safety Cautions

  • Make sure that the electrical connection is clean from dirt, grease, or other contaminants.
  • Wear gloves and protective gear to avoid skin contact.
  • When using Noalox, make sure that the are is well-ventilated to avoid inhaling any fumes or vapors that may be released during application.
  • Do not use a wire brush or abrasive to clean the connectors.
  • Do not apply the compound directly to the connection.

How to Use Noalox Anti-Oxidant Compound: A Step-By-Step Guide - (1)Source: Home Depot

Step 1: Squeeze a small amount of Noalox onto a clean, lint-free cloth or brush. Ensure that you have a clean, dry cloth or brush that is free from any debris or lint.

Take the Noalox tube and gently squeeze a small amount of the compound onto the surface of the cloth or brush.

Step 2: Apply the Noalox to the electrical connection wires, ensuring that it is evenly distributed. Simply rub the cloth or brush over the surface of the connection, ensuring that it is coated with a thin layer of the compound.

Note that using too much can be counterproductive and cause issues down the line. You only need a thin layer of the compound and avoid applying too much.

Step 3: Once applied, reassemble the connection and tighten any screws or bolts.

Step 4: Wipe away any excess anti-oxidant compound with a clean cloth.

Step 5: Test the electrical connection to ensure that it is working properly.

After applying the Noalox, it is important to dispose of any excess compound and to properly clean the cloth or brush. It’s also important to note that Noalox should only be used on aluminum-to-aluminum or aluminum-to-copper electrical connections.

It should not be used on other metal combinations as it may cause corrosion.

How to Use Noalox Anti-Oxidant Compound: A Step-By-Step Guide - (2)

Where Can You Use Noalox?

Noalox is an anti-oxidant compound that is commonly used in electrical applications. It is used to prevent oxidation and improve conductivity in electrical connections. Here are some of the common uses of Noalox:

Electrical connections

Noalox is often used to improve the conductivity of electrical connections and prevent oxidation. It is used particularly in aluminum-to-aluminum or aluminum-to-copper connections such as when wiring light bulbs weatherhead sockets

Circuit breakers

Noalox can be used to improve the performance and longevity of circuit breakers by preventing corrosion and improving conductivity. Interestingly, one user of Noalox has left a review stating that he used Noalox on the interior threading of his e-cig.

He noticed an increase in the e-cig conductive efficiency, resulting in better battery performance.


Noalox is also used in transformers to prevent oxidation and improve the flow of electricity through the system.


Noalox can be used in motors to prevent corrosion and improve conductivity, which can help to extend the life of the motor.


Noalox can be applied to the connections of antennas to prevent corrosion and improve signal quality.

Noalox is a versatile compound that can be used in a wide range of electrical applications even when troubleshooting hydro shark boiler problems. It can be used to improve performance, prevent corrosion, and extend the life of electrical components.

Di-electric grease Vs Noalox

Di-electric grease and Noalox are two of the best products used in electrical connections to prevent corrosion and improve conductivity. But how can you know if you should use Di-electric grease or Noalox?

Here is a table featuring their differences.

FactorsDi-electric greaseNoalox
ApplicationsAutomotive, marine, industrial, and high-voltage electrical applicationsAutomotive, marine, industrial, and low-voltage electrical applications
BarrierProvides a barrier against moisture, dust, and other contaminantsProvides a barrier against moisture, dust, and other contaminants
FunctionInsulates and prevents arcing in high-voltage connectionsPrevents corrosion and improves conductivity in low-voltage connections
CompositionMade from silicone or synthetic materialsMade from a blend of petroleum jelly and zinc particles
ColorTypically clear or whiteTypically gray or silver
ConsistencyUsually thicker and more viscousUsually thinner and more fluid
UsageApplied thinly and evenly to mating surfacesApplied sparingly to threads and connections
InterchangeabilityNot interchangeable with NoaloxNot interchangeable with di-electric grease

While both products are used to protect electrical connections, they have different applications and properties. Di-electric grease is an insulator, while Noalox is an anti-oxidant compound that improves conductivity.

Where Not to Use Noalox?

Noalox shouldn’t be used for the following applications and situations:

High-voltage applications: Noalox is designed for use in low-voltage applications, typically up to 600 volts. It should not be used in high-voltage applications because it may break down, leading to flashover and electrical arcing.

Oxygen service: Noalox contains petroleum-based products, which can ignite in the presence of high concentrations of oxygen. It should not be used in applications involving oxygen service.

Food or medical applications: Noalox is not recommended for use in applications involving food or medical equipment. That is because it may contain trace amounts of toxic substances that could be harmful if ingested or absorbed.


Is Noalox Petroleum Based?

Yes, Noalox is a petroleum-based anti-oxidant compound. It is a blend of petroleum-based oils and particles of metallic zinc and aluminum. These ingredients work together to provide protection against oxidation and corrosion in electrical connections, especially in harsh and corrosive environments.

Can You Use Noalox On Copper?

Yes, Noalox can be used on copper. In fact, it is commonly used on copper and other metals to prevent corrosion and oxidation in electrical connections. Noalox is a useful product for improving the efficiency and longevity of electrical connections, including copper-to-copper connections.

Does Noalox Dry After Application?

Noalox doesn’t dry after application. It is a non-drying compound that remains in a paste-like/greasy state after it is applied to electrical connections. The paste-like consistency of Noalox also helps to provide a good electrical connection between two surfaces.

Bottom Line

Finally, you must agree that the Noalox anti-oxidant compound is a valuable tool for anyone working with aluminum electrical connections. It helps prevent oxidation and corrosion, ensuring a strong and reliable electrical connection.

How to Use Noalox Anti-Oxidant Compound: A Step-By-Step Guide - (2024)


Is Noalox needed on aluminum wire? ›

The use of an antioxidant , such as Noalox, on Panelboard Main Lugs is not required. The lugs are UL listed for use with copper or aluminum conductors without the use of ANY anti-oxidation supplement.

When to use no ox? ›

NO-OX-ID "A-Special" should be used wherever the formation of a corrosive product will affect the proper functioning of the metal surface. This electrical contact grease is easily applied, easily removed, and gives long lasting reliable performance even on dissimilar metals.

What can you put on aluminum wire to keep it from oxidizing? ›

Antioxidant Pastes and Conductor Termination Paste

These pastes do not harm the conductor metal, insulation, or equipment when used following the manufacturer's instructions. Antioxidant pastes are made for use with both aluminum and copper conductors, but each paste is made for a specific conductor type.

Is Deox required on aluminum wire? ›

The code making panel resolved (denied) the Public Input and stated, “Aluminum conductors do not always require use of an anti-oxidant at terminations.” This is a very common misconception that has infiltrated the minds of many electricians, electrical inspectors, and home inspectors.

Why can't you use aluminum wire in house? ›

Aluminum has a higher coefficient of thermal expansion than copper. This means it expands more when heated – a common occurrence when electricity flows through it. Over time, this expansion and contraction can loosen connections, leading to arcing and potential fire hazards.

Is Noalox electrically conductive? ›

I was explaining to another electrician that not only was Noalox or Penatrox an antioxidant but it was also conductive and therefore provided for the transference of current.

Why is aluminum wire no longer installed? ›

Over time, many of these terminations with solid aluminum wire began to fail due to improper connection techniques and the dissimilar metals having different resistances and significantly different coefficients of thermal expansion, as well as problems with properties of the solid wires.

Can you use Noalox on copper? ›

Using an anti-oxidizing compound around the conductors helps to minimize this “rusting out” of the conductors where contact is made. This is why a lot of these No-ox brands say “for use with aluminum to copper, and aluminum to aluminum terminations.”

When should I use no and not? ›

The word 'no' is used with nouns to mean 'no one' or 'not any'; for example, 'No boys were present in the sports class'. The word 'not' is used to modify a verb or an adjective to show the negative effect on a quality, and is generally used with a phrase or a clause; for example, 'Howard did not do his homework.

Is Noalox required per NEC? ›

The NEC never required it but as you pointed out in NEC 110.3, we have to follow the instructions.

What is the purpose of Noalox? ›

IDEAL Noalox® Anti-Oxidant compound improves efficiency and service life of aluminum electrical applications. Suspended zinc particles penetrate and cut aluminum oxide, while carrier material excludes air to minimize further oxidation.

Do antioxidants help with heavy metals? ›

Chelation therapy is a traditional treatment for heavy metal toxicity. However, recently, various antioxidants have been found to be effective in treating heavy metal-induced damage, shifting the research focus to investigating the interplay between antioxidants and heavy metals.

Does aluminum wire wear out? ›

Aluminum will fatigue and break down more rapidly than copper when subjected to bending and other forms of wear. Fatigue will cause the wire to break down internally leading to a buildup of heat and posing the risk of electrical fire. Galvanic corrosion.

What is antioxidant compound used for? ›

Antioxidants are used as food additives to help guard against food deterioration. Exposure to oxygen and sunlight are the two main factors in the oxidation of food, so food is preserved by keeping in the dark and sealing it in containers or even coating it in wax, as with cucumbers.

How to properly terminate aluminum wire? ›

Use a suitable stripping tool to avoid damaging the conductor and remove the required length of insulation. Wire brush the conductor and apply a listed joint compound. Tighten the connection per the manufacturer's recommendation. Wipe off excess joint compound.


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