College football 2021 recruiting rankings: Biggest risers in the updated Top247 from 247Sports (2024)

While a nation-wide lockdown has restricted a lot of activity, it hasn't slowed the evaluation process at 247Sports. Even as our team is grounded from travel and camp showcases, we now have the time and resources to dig into film and lean on our network of coaching contacts to identify players on an even deeper level.

This rankings update is driven by more than just film study and conversations, though. February -- and much of March -- was spent on the road at camps, combines and 7-on-7s around the country. Those events were the primary engine to this update.

More updates are coming with an even greater emphasis on film study, but here are a 11 of the most notable risers in the latest Top247 rankings for the Class of 2021.

OT JC Latham (Bradenton, FL)
New ranking: 5-star, No. 3 | Old ranking: 4-star, No. 23
With verified size and testing numbers early this spring, dominant camp showings and a revisit of his film have validated to us that Latham is the best offensive tackle in this class and a candidate for the No. 1 overall ranking. Ohio State is the Crystal Ball favorite to land his services.

WR Emeke Egbuka (Steilacoom, WA)
New ranking: 5-star, No. 7 | Old ranking: No. 9
Egbuka had one of the most productive seasons in the country last fall with 1,400 yards receiving, seven interceptions and three punt return touchdowns. He has also tested well in camp settings and he dominated when we saw him in a 7-on-7 even in February. He moves up two spots into 5-star range with Ohio State and Washington among the top contenders for him next season.

QB Drake Maye (Charlotte, NC)
New ranking: 4-star, No. 22 | Old ranking: No. 32
There are some within the 247Sports ranking council that view Maye as potentially the top quarterback in this class. The UNC commit had a monster junior season and threw in front of our analysts before the shut down to embolden our opinion on him. He's now the No. 3 QB in the country.

OLB Dallas Turner (Fort Lauderdale, FL)
New ranking: 4-star, No. 34 | Old ranking: No. 143
Turner was outstanding as a junior and was already a four-star prospect but we had a chance to see him in person earlier this spring and felt like he had the makings of one of the best edge rushers in the class due to his body type and edge athleticism. Georgia is the Crystal Ball favorite.

OL Dylan Fairchild (Cumming, GA)
New ranking: 4-star, No. 42 | Old ranking: No. 188
We already loved Fairchild on film and made him a four-star in our previous update, but the more we dig, the more we like. We've gotten verified size on him; he's 47-0 as a heavyweight wrestler, and he's a "top of the board" kind of guy for numerous programs.

S Terrion Arnold (Tallahassee, FL)
New ranking: 4-star, No. 84 | Old ranking: 3-star NR
We probably should have had Arnold ranked at least this high before because his film checks out, but his dominant performances at 7-on-7s and camps earlier this spring gave us reason to revisit it and confirmed that he's one of the best safeties in the country. Alabama has the lone Crystal Ball prediction.

DL Jahvaree Ritzie (Kernersville, NC)
New ranking: 4-star, No. 127 | Old ranking: No. 223
After getting some more information on body type and physical upside, seeing a 55-foot shot put next to his name and revisiting some really productive film, we felt like the upside for Ritzie was deserving of a big bump. He has one North Carolina prediction in the Crystal Ball.

WR Christian Leary (Orlando, FL)
New ranking: 4-star, No. 128 | Old ranking: No. 190
He plays fast on film, and he was productive as a junior, so we already liked him as a four-star. But he popped off a 10.5-second mark in the 100 meters before track seasons were canceled this spring, taking his speed validation to another level. His film just keeps looking better. Alabama, Oklahoma and Florida are among his favorites.

WR Xavier Worthy (Fresno, CA)
New ranking: 4-star, No. 147 | Old ranking: 3-star, NR
For many of us, this was a new film evaluation and it was made on the backdrop of outstanding track athleticism with a 10.55-second 100 meter time to his credit as a sophom*ore. We would have liked to get a better feel for his physical maturity this spring, but the film pops. Arizona State, Michigan, USC and Oregon all seem to agree.

ATH Cooper DeJean (Ida Grove, IA)
New ranking: 4-star No. 148 | Old ranking: 3-star, NR
There's only so much dominating you can do against low-level competition in Iowa, but when you turn on DeJean's basketball film, you get a much better sense for the athleticism of the Hawkeyes commit. Whether he's a safety or linebacker at Iowa, the high school quarterback looks like a stud.

WR Malik Nabers (Lafayette, LA)
New ranking: 4-star, No. 149 | Old ranking: No. 238
He's one of the most productive receivers in the state of Louisiana, and the more we watch his film, the more we like it. Especially when you consider that he's open to playing defensive back on the next level as well. Oklahoma, Michigan and Georgia are among the programs that have also warmed up to him with offers in recent weeks.

College football 2021 recruiting rankings: Biggest risers in the updated Top247 from 247Sports (2024)


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